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24 July 2016
I’m completely on board with everyone who’s disappointed that Marvel Studios didn’t cast an older actress for Carol Danvers, but now that Brie Larson has been officially cast in the role, I think it’s really, really important to support her and the Captain Marvel movie for the same reason it’s important to support Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman. Both of these movies need to make money and be demonstrably successful for studios to be willing to bank on other woman-led superhero movies; it’s sexist and it sucks, but it’s a reality of our current and very broken Hollywood system.

DC and Marvel have collectively managed to field three movies about superheroines: 1984′s Supergirl, 2004′s Catwoman, and 2005′s Elektra. Movies like The Hunger Games has started to shift the paradigm, but we can’t assume success for Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. Talk about how disappointed you are with Brie Larson or that studios won’t cast older actresses or that executives won’t allow actresses to bulk up for action roles – just don’t let any of that prevent you from buying a ticket.

(Also, Marvel did managed to snag a critically-acclaimed rising star for Carol, and that’s pretty excellent, too! None of this may be ideal, but it’s better than one more movie about a white guy named Chris. I’m hoping Black Panther and Captain Marvel are the start of a new trend, not end goals themselves.)
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Title: Leap of Faith
Characters: Lane & Kent
Wordcount: 3k
Summary: It's all uphill after the first kiss.
Notes: Written for Barb in the 2015 Secret Skraw exchange. Yay!

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Cracking up over this post on the Delicious blog. It's as if they're just now discovering that they themselves sank the Delicious/Fandom ship years ago.

Went to see Man of Steel over the weekend.

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23 January 2011
Make a list of your favorite pairings and explain who would pick up the socks and why. Take one.

Tony/Priya (Dollhouse): Priya picks up the socks when Tony isn't around, but when he is, she lets him pick up the socks. He's freakishly tidy. She and T drive him mad with their clutter (and he frequently tells them so), but he picks up their socks anyway.

Buffy/Faith (BtVS): Faith picks up the socks. She figures B's done enough for her - the least she can do is make sure the laundry gets to the basket.

Garrus/Shepard (Mass Effect): Nobody picks up the socks, because in space you don't need socks. Shepard and Garrus both maintain their own armor, although occasionally Garrus will calibrate Shepard's internal systems and uplinks. Shepard shows her gratitude by badgering him into a set of armor that didn't lose a fight with a gunship.

Peter/MJ (Spider-Man): Mary Jane picks up the socks when she's home to do so - she may have rehearsals or shoots that run late, but Peter usually crawls through the window just before dawn and collapses into bed without even taking off his spider-booties. Peter's pretty thankful that she's around to take care of the socks, and he also knows she'd never let him live it down if he took her picking-up of socks for granted.

Tony/Steve (Avengers): Tony doesn't pick up his socks. For that kind of menial task he has dozens of staff members and even more robots. Steve doesn't pick up his socks either, because his socks never touch the floor. They go straight from his feet to the laundry hamper.

Lois/Clark (Superman): Clark picks up the socks, because while Superman might concern himself with something as trivial as socks, award-winning reporter Lois Lane wouldn't.
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Title: God Is Not in the Alley
Characters: Bruce Wayne
Rating: PG-13/R (violence, mention of non-con)
Summary: He has faith that there will always, always be a man in the dark with a gun, and he has faith that every night he will put on his armor and go into the dark and take that gun away from that man.
Notes: Batman gen, vaguely Nolanverse, references to the comics.

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