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30 August 2014
She went down to the field,
And her body there she laid;
She gave the earth her blood and bone,
That fruitful it might stay.

And as the green spread o'er the field,
And wheat sprang from her ribs,
Her lover said, I'll love no more,
You can set your life on this.

So break your bread, my darling heart,
But pray you don't forget,
The harvest comes at a cost, my love,
And that cost is mine to give.
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09 June 2014
[ profile] psychoticgirl commissioned art from [ profile] conversationparade based on the gift fic I wrote her for last year's Sif/Loki exchange, and it is GORGEOUS and AMAZING and features an Original Dog Character and I literally cannot get over how perfect it is. It's posted here!
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27 February 2014
This Lassiter/O'Hara situation is getting out of control. Really, just life-destroyingly out of control.

Fanmix! )
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[ profile] juniperlane recorded a podfic version of Moonpie and Meemaw! It might be the best thing anyone has ever done. I am too biased to say.