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rebcake ([personal profile] rebcake) wrote in [personal profile] damalur 2017-03-03 08:26 am (UTC)

Sometimes you fall out of love, too.

You're the 2nd person* I've seen to have this kind of epiphany about Spike, and I wonder if I'll see my interpretation shift as much at some point.

I agree that Spike's characterization was overall consistent** in season 6. I credit Marsters for that, because the writing staff was all over the place, as you say. But I don't interpret his motivations the same way you do. I identify to a ridiculous degree with Buffy — including the emotionally withholding part of her character. I see her has having so much agency in her choices regarding him and their messed up relationship that to me he always seems to be flailing around for some way to catch up.

Do you feel that Buffy was forced or manipulated into "giving Spike what he wanted"? Lots of people do. I don't think she was. But then, I've also engaged in sexual relationships while depressed, and get miffed at the implication that depression somehow makes a person incapable of true consent. I also don't think he ever got what he wanted in Season 6, which IMHO was a mutually loving relationship with a Buffy who wasn't suffering. Anyway.

I think as the years go by, I have a lot less sympathy for the characters that don't allow other characters freedom to make their own decisions: Angel, later-season Willow, Riley, and sometimes Giles. I don't want to be mad at Giles, but sometimes he makes it difficult.

*You're the 2nd in several years. I'm not implying that it's an epidemic.
**"Into the Woods" still doesn't make sense to me from a plot standpoint. Spike is The Doctor? That's...ridiculous. But his character is still consistent!

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