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no, use my SPACE name! ([personal profile] damalur) wrote2016-09-21 11:57 am

science wizard will not stand for this!

There must be other people out there excited for Infamous Iron Man, right? Right?? There is so much potential for hilarity there. Like, what if in every issue, Doom alters one more piece of his flashy new armor to look like like traditional Doom attire until by issue #15 he’s literally just this:

What if we get to watch as he discovers all the more pedestrian aspects of being a superhero? “You mean I have to speak to reporters instead of throwing them in the dungeons? LIKE A PEASANT?” “You mean I have to allow this grateful woman to shake my hand? LIKE A PEASANT?” “You mean I can’t use my robot duplicates to kidnap the child back? Must I do everything LIKE A PEASANT?”

What if he decides Namor needs to be his archnemesis? What if he’s always muttering about “how things are done in Latveria” under his breath? What if he prematurely erects a statue of himself in Central Park to memorialize his heroics but then has to spend three issues figuring out how to keep pigeons from defacing it? What if being handsome does absolutely nothing to change his personality and he’s still everyone’s (least) favorite grumpy avuncular despot? What if Valeria Richards returns in time to be his life coach? What if Valeria Richards is happy and nurtured and loved and Infamous Iron Man crosses over with the snowball’s-chance-in-hell Invisible Woman solo in a five-part arc that is literally only about Sue and Doom learning how to co-parent because they both have Val’s best interests at heart but Sue has some Conditions, Victor?

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