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I can’t believe I’m saying this as someone continually beating the drum of Include More Women In The Marvel Brain Trust, but I think F4 retcons and remakes need to stop trying to make Sue a superscientist. She’s awesome on her own merit, and turning every member of the team into a genius on par with Noodle Husband or Murder Uncle actually makes them less interesting as a group, not more.

I suspect the logic of a lot of writers is that to make Sue an equal partner for Reed, she has to meet him on the field of whizbangery – or, if I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt, it’s that they can’t fathom why Reed would be interested in Sue unless she’s also a superscientist. I recently had a guy tell me that he couldn’t understand why someone as smart as Peter Parker would be interested in “a bimbo” like Mary Jane, and I’m thinking that sentiment is not a foreign attitude re: Sue and Reed.

I am really, horrifically new to loving the Fantastic Four as more than historically noteworthy supporting characters in Spider-Man stories, but I don’t see why Sue needs to be smart in the same ways (or to the same degree) as Reed to make her an awesome character. For one thing, making her a superscientist isn’t developing her for her own sake, it’s developing her for Reed’s sake, and for another, she has her own stuff going on, and it’s lazy writing to substitute Reed’s schtick for Sue’s schtick instead of growing Sue’s schtick in ways that are new and interesting while still being grounded in who she is as a character.

Retcons and remakes aren’t inherently bad – I find it downright uncomfortable to read a lot of earlier F4 stuff, and I way prefer the gentle-but-accidentally-arrogant Reed and spine-of-steel Sue that it seems I encounter in more recent comics – but!!! But!!!!!! Let Sue be Sue!!!!!!!!!!

Also, movies need to stop pretending Doom is anything but the despotic technomage ruler of a small European country.

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