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invisible woman vol. 1

Here is my current list of demands for the hypothetical Invisible Woman series that Bleeding Cool suggests maybe could possibly be happening:

  • Actual 100% genuine Sue Storm-Richards with Noodle Husband accessory (children included)
  • Reed is the main supporting character but all he does is stay home and watch the kids and do science and listen to Sue talk about her day
  • Sue has a consistent group of friends that she hangs with every couple of issues and She-Hulk is definitely in that group
  • But also lots of Sue networking with other heroes (”you and Peter hanging out on the couch while you play Halo doesn’t count as networking, Johnny”)
  • Lots of sibling bonding and maybe the suggestion that the relationship between Franklin and Val mirrors the relationship between Sue and Johnny
  • Exploration of how her devotion to family started as her trying to recreate something she lost (or never really had) but grew into its own thing
  • Also how their shared devotion to their family and not repeating their own parents’ mistakes bonds her to Reed
  • Trying to figure out how to coparent with Doctor Doom, who has changed exactly zero percent despite no longer wearing armor and who explains that it’s important he remain in Valeria’s life because she’s in the line of succession for Latveria

    Doom: “…just behind Kristoff and ahead of Doom.”
    Sue: “You’re in your own line of succession.”
    Doom: “Yes.”
    Val: “Clones or robots?”
    Doom: “Yes.”

  • Sue being the leader of Franklin’s cub scout troop and being 10000% hardcore about it but all the kids LOVE how intense she is (remember at the little league game when she’s SCREAMING FROM THE STANDS when Franklin is up to bat, it’s like that but less baseball and more learning how to build campfires in the middle of tropical storms)
  • Absolutely no plots where Reed hides something from Sue ~for her own good~ because they have genuinely moved past that but lots of plots that hinge on people /thinking/ that Reed is hiding something from Sue or Sue is hiding something from Reed but actually no the spouse knew all along!!!
  • Sue as the business brain who actually makes Fantastic Enterprises operationally functional on a day-to-day basis and sometimes Tony Stark drops by just so they can talk corporate finance

    Reed, in the background: “I invented a new branch of mathematics to forecast how corporations will behave when Earth becomes part of the galactic economy.”
    Sue: “Honey, Tony will come play with you when we’re done talking about this year’s Fortune 500 power-players.”

  • Psycho-Man and Nathaniel Richards only show up so Sue can punch them in the faces
  • Equal division of emotional labor between Reed and Sue
  • More Sue lecture tours (TED talk????) where she travels around speaking to sold-out audiences and at night she teleports home because ugh hotels
  • At some point she makes a series of escalating decisions that lead to some kind of deep, looming trouble and if she’d had the sense to back down maybe everything would have worked out but no when Sue commits she COMMITS and the next five issues are her working out how to get /out/ of trouble and salvage the situation
  • Sue trying to figure out why her kids keep adopting supervillains
  • Team-up with Carol Danvers because
  • (Maybe because she’s lending a hand to the Avengers?)
  • Re-hires Laura Kinney to watch the kids at some point but it ends up with Sue, Natasha, and Laura having to run off for world-saving hijinks
  • Casual body horror starring the Richardses where Sue doesn’t think twice about how Noodle Husband sometimes wraps around her like a boa constrictor when he’s asleep and at Halloween she’ll make her skin or whatever invisible instead of bothering with a costume just to freak Johnny out (but only when the kids aren’t around, they act like seeing Mom’s skeleton is the coolest thing ever but they definitely aren’t past the nightmare stage yet)
  • When Val is feeling overlooked she sulkingly calls herself the Invisible Girl
  • But also a young teenager (think Kamala to Sue’s Carol) starts calling herself the Invisible Girl and fighting crime because heck yeah Sue Storm is the COOLEST
  • Val briefly sulks about this but then Sue reassures her that Val is always #1 (Val confirms this with Uncle Doom, who points out that even an idiot like Richards can see how much Sue adores her daughter)
  • DATE NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!
  • Any time Sue and Reed need to talk in private they do this
  • And one of the kids is finally old enough that they’re like “MOM DAD STOP EMBARRASSING ME”
  • A mysterious figure from Sue’s past reappears!!! It’s not a love interest!!!
  • Ben and Sue go on friend dates without the slightly more ridiculous half of the team
  • Sometimes Sue swings by Danny Rand’s dojo to see how he and Misty are doing in their own solo book which is written by Jeremy Whitley, who I am sure would also do a great job writing Sue
  • But I also kind of want to see what Chelsea Cain could do on a Sue book provided she could nail the voice (Sue needs to be less cynical than Bobbi but I could see the absurd edge working really really well because Sue is at this point basically bomb-proof, she’s seen it all and her life is a circus and she loves it, sometimes she still thinks about normality but that doesn’t stop her from /loving/ her circus of a life)