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amnesty: murdock & murdock & natchios (matt/elektra)

someone needs to write matt/elektra crack
where matt pretends to be long-suffering and serious but keeps forgetting himself and having fun
and elektra would murder for a decent slice of pie


"Listen, Matthew," Elektra says. Matt takes it as a command; he tilts his head, he listens to her as intently as he's ever listened to anyone in his life. "If we're going to do this"--the implication is that of course they're going to do this--"we're going to do it properly."

"Okay," Matt says.

"And that means starting off on the right foot," Elektra adds.

"What does that involve?" says Matt. He's not sure where she's going with this, and some long-stifled instinct for self-preservation is telling him that he really ought to be more concerned about his inability to anticipate her.

"Ugh," she says. "You've gotten so serious. When did that happen? Were you always this earnest, or has early onset middle-age hit you that hard? No, no, Matthew, don't give me that look--this is fun, we're not going to a funeral."

"We aren't?" Matt says.

"Well," Elektra says, "not precisely, but I would murder for a decent slice of pie."


It's possible that in Greece, 'start off on the right foot' could be a euphemism for 'screw each other on the kitchen counter'. Matt isn't sure, since he never took Greek; like any sensible person, he took Spanish, and it clearly paid off.

"Now that that's out of the way--" Elektra says.

"Now that that's out of the way," Matt says, "I have to go to an interview."

Elektra fails to react with any interest whatsoever.

"For my new legal assistant," he says, with the assumption that he doesn't have to detail again how Nelson & Murdock (& Page) turned into Murdock & Murdock (& Vacancy).

Elektra picks up the salt shaker and begins to toy with it. Matt senses boredom.

"Because I have to work," he adds.

Elektra starts salting Matt's abdomen.

"Because I'm not a millionaire," he concludes.

"That's your problem, not mine, Matthew," Elektra says. "I've offered dozens of times to make you my kept man, but you continue to insist on this whole lawyer business."

"I like being a lawyer," Matt says mildly--'mildly' because this is clearly one of the fundamental incompatibilities of their relationship, that is, Elektra's incompatibility with the law. She doesn't strictly lack a moral compass, but she has someā€¦ creative interpretations of legality. At the moment, their relationship functions primarily because she mostly doesn't kill people and he mostly doesn't nag her about it. Well; Matt had an early life filled with positive (or at least not actively murderous) influences. It's harder to judge her when he takes that into consideration, which is saying something, because one of Foggy's favorite quips is that Matt minored in Judgment.

"We all need our hobbies," Elektra says, and then she reaches for the pepper grinder.