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hightown funk

Dear Author,

Hi! Thanks so much for making a gift for me. This letter has a lot (maybe too many???) ideas and suggestions to get you started, but I'm going to adore whatever you create even if you ignore all of the below. I'm also including some information about my general likes and dislikes; if you have any questions, my askbox is always open (anon is on).

I'm down with any rating from G to NC-17, although porn for porn's sake is usually not my thing. My favorite tropes include female friendships, battle couples, epistolary stories, mutual pining, cats, crack, atonement arcs, slow burn, outside POV, banter, and competence. Het, femslash, and slash are all green lights, although many of my favorite pairings tend to fall under the "kind, clever men loving hard, dangerous women" umbrella.

Elements I dislike are animal abuse, infidelity, rape, and self-harm. That said, I do like dark stories, too, so please don't let any of these squicks prevent you from rolling with an awesome dark fic idea.

I like my Marian Hawke as ridiculous as possible, with the idea that she hides both her deep-seated anger and her core of pure marshmallow beneath jokes and barbs. That her relationship with Varric grows out of a very deep friendship is one of the things I like best about their dynamic; there's trust there, but there's also a lot that goes unsaid.


Prompt #1
Character: Purple, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Post-Canon, Alternate Universe, Angst, Humor, Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Reunions, Cassandra Pentaghast, Isabela (Dragon Age), Iron Bull, Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Fenris/Isabela, Malcolm Hawke, Carver Hawke

Down for post-canon, alternate universe, or whatever floats your boat! I'm a big fan of both angst and humor. If you go for the former, I'd love a story where Hawke stays behind in the Fade and everyone (read: Varric) deals with the repercussions; I like reunions, but I also like sad endings. If you go for the latter, literally anything with Hawke and Varric working together to fleece people at cards or a fighting ring would thrill me. If canon divergence is more your thing, I'm always up for a story with Hawke as the Inquisitor.

There aren't any characters that I particularly dislike, but my favorite dynamics are between Hawke and Cassandra, Isabela, the Iron Bull, Fenris, or Carver; as for Varric, I always like seeing his friendships explored, and in particularly enjoy when he interacts with Cassandra, Isabela, or Merrill. Anything about Hawke's relationship with her dad is going to automatically be a win, too.

There's not a lot more I can say here, Author! This is blanket permission to take any scrap of the above ideas or discard them entirely. I included some of my favorite characters and background pairings in the optional tags; if you want to take the "Fake/Pretend Relationship" trope and run with it, you're going to make me happy no matter what.

For alternate universes, how about Hawke as a reluctant private investigator and Varric as a muckracking journalist? Or, when in doubt: dragons.


Prompt #2
Character: Purple or Red, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Angst, Rivalry, Rival Relationship, Dark, Blood Magic

What I'd love for this prompt is a rival romance between Hawke (maybe a Hawke who has lost both of her siblings) and Varric (who loves needling her too much to let her go), but any darker take on their relationship would be awesome. I'd prefer a Hawke who is still sarcastic at the core, but if you want to take her down an angrier path, that'd be awesome, too. There's a lot about how Varric and Hawke could be good together; show me all the ways they could be bad for each other.

If angst or dark stories are your cup of tea, I'd love to see how a rival romance between Hawke and Varric would play out. It's hard to rival Varric in DA2, so feel free to write your own take without sticking to a canon story - it'd be super interesting to see this play out between a purple!Hawke and Varric, who maybe rub each other the wrong way because they're too similar. Feel free to be unrelenting in how you write them - I love both characters, but I know they're not without their flaws.

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