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She only had one foot under her when she felt the weight settle on her shoulder; her other knee was folded up beneath her to avoid tripping the glyph she’d laid on the ground. She’d made that mistake once–all right, more than once, but some lessons, the particularly difficult ones, often took an even dozen times to learn thoroughly.

And then Varric said, very low and directly in Hawke’s ear: “Don’t. Move.”

In that moment, Hawke was aware of three things. The first was how difficult the drifting smoke made it to see the creature that was tracking them. The second was that she’d forgotten to tell Aveline not to let Rabbit eat too many biscuits unless Aveline had a high tolerance for canine flatulence. The third was that Varric was steadying Bianca against her shoulder.

She’d shot the crossbow a fair few times herself. It was an absolute monster to handle, heavy and with enough kickback to leave anyone unused to firing it with violent bruising; beyond that, there were a number of moving parts that were now about to go about their business only a hair’s width from some rather delicate parts of Hawke’s anatomy–nothing terribly important, just her ears and, oh yes, her face.

The thing was, though, that there was an instinct in her far more powerful than the reflex for self-preservation; so when Varric told her not to move, Hawke froze without any question whatsoever–