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amnesty: abysm (dragon age)

Sort of a prototype for Your Last Serving Daughter.

On the last day of spring, Hawke walked out of the Fade.


She didn't notice at first. The Fade, even the rawer parts of it, could be tricky, and Hawke was half-mad herself with exhaustion and doubt and longing. Was this another nightmare? There were typically more abominations in her nightmares, or at least more irate mothers chasing her down and forcing her to make nice with the neighbors, but having spent the past weeks or perhaps centuries facing down the twisted reflections that dwelt beyond the Veil, she was willing to give this particular nightmare the benefit of the doubt.

The nightmare was cold; nightmares often were. You woke with the chill of it, sometimes, the bite like iron, like being flayed alive with an iron knife--or at least Hawke had, once, when her world still contained the memory of waking. She didn't wake up any longer. Neither did she sleep. She died play-deaths, but even the shock of those wouldn't send her to a place where waking was different from dreaming.

Funny, though. She hadn't remembered her toes being quite so chilly in all those previous dreams of cold, and when she looked down, the ground stayed firmly oriented beneath her feet.

"Ah," said Hawke. "Now that is interesting."

She traveled several yards further as she made the effort to drag her gaze from the ground to the sky. The cold was sapping her energy. It was too dark to make out the columns of rock she was sure were still suspended overhead; in fact, it was terribly dark, dark enough that there had to be a few dozen giant spiders lurking in the shadows. The thought of giving up and letting the spiders eat her had become a comfortable fantasy, but then--and this she didn't know--there was no telling what would happen to a person who died in the Fade.

And then she looked up; there were stars overhead, many thousands of them, flung like gems against the velvet blackness of the sky.

"Odd," Hawke said. She took another step.

At that point, she tripped rather spectacularly and fell hard on her elbow in an effort to catch herself. There was snow on the ground, although not much of it--certainly not enough to cushion her fall. She went down face-first, and once she was down, she discovered she lacked the reserves to right herself. Maybe she really would lie there until the giant spiders got her, or until something worse came along. Something worse always came along, didn't it? The Blight, and then Kirkwall; Anders, and then the abyss.

She passed out from exhaustion between heartbeats, and as she slept, she dreamed--

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