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amnesty: wedding of the age

Cleaning out my docs this weekend. This was from a brief foray into Cullen/Lavellan that I abandoned when I realized it wasn’t so much Cullen/Lavellan was Dorian/Bull with bonus Cassandra.

They didn't make an announcement about it, of course--that wasn't their style--but word got out anyway. Within the day, Leliana and Josephine were plotting a celebration to put even the grand balls of Orlais to shame, although they were currently distracted by an argument over whether it would be more prudent to invite the Inquisition's enemies and use the opportunity to blackmail or otherwise spy on them, or to invite potential allies and woo them to the Inquisition's side.

Normally, of course, Dorian would be all for a soiree, but as the person who would be asked to stand for Cullen, he rather thought he had a duty to put a stop to the planning before it went too far. He looked to his left. Bull was chugging a glass of beer, but he waggled his eyebrows at Dorian. No, that was no good. He looked to his right; the seat was empty, having been deserted by Varric some time earlier when he "got tired of watching you two fuck with your eyes," whatever it was that meant.

Ah, excellent! There was Lady Pentaghast, storming down the middle of the Great Hall. Dorian waved her over. She was an obvious choice to help stop this madness, not only because of her distaste for any social event that didn't involve swords, but also because she would quite obviously be Dorian's counterpart--Cassandra and the Inquisitor were always together, talking about interesting places they'd been or books they'd read or things they'd killed. Bleeding heart zealots, the pair of them; Dorian, being something of a bleeding heart zealot himself, felt completely justified in his pretense of scorn.

"What's this about?" Lady Pentaghast demanded.

Dorian knew he had to hook her fast or risk losing her altogether. "Someone should do something about all this, don't you think?" he whispered.

Cassandra lowered her voice to match. "All what?" she said. "The Hall? The Inquisition? The meal?"

Actually, Dorian thought tonight's druffallo tenderloin had been superb. "No, no," he said, "the wedding."

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "The two of you are getting married?"

The Bull choked on his beer.

"Awfully invasive question, don't you think?" said Dorian, unruffled. "No, I'm talking about Cullen and Lady Lavellan."

"I was aware it was under discussion," said Cassandra. He was starting to lose her, he could tell.

"Josephine and Leliana are planning to use the event as a political show," Dorian said. He reached over and clapped the Bull on the back a few times, which put an end to the choking.


"Do you really think the couple in question would be happy with eight hundred witnesses?" Dorian drawled.

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