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index: crucible

> "I don't think kissing turians will be necessary for the war effort, Williams."
> "You never know, Commander."

"Crucible" is a canon-compliant exploration of Garrus and Shepard's relationship that leads into an alternate ending. Shepard here is the default, red-headed Jane, who was born on Mindoir to a farmer and a former Alliance officer and who has spent much of her military career dealing with the fallout of her actions on Torfan. The first part is currently undergoing a third rewrite. The second part is languishing in development hell. Rumors of a third part are unsubstantiated and should absolutely not be trusted.

Crucible (60k, complete)
There is no easy way from the Earth to the stars. Shepard and Vakarian from Omega to the end. Also hosted on Dreamwidth.
Kill Shot
A fanmix for resurrection, invasion, and winning a war back-to-back. Available on 8tracks and Playmoss.

The Station
Archangel returns to Omega. Forthcoming.

When the Flood Rolls Back
Turn back. The darkness cannot be breached.
Full fathom five thy lover lies. A 'When the Flood' fanmix.

Shepard's War

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