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2017-03-25 07:24 pm

aim of operation (vmars, veronica/logan)

Title: Aim of Operation
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Wordcount: 2k
Summary: A Skype call spanning continents and seasoned with a dash of naked adoration.
Notes: #Alternate Universe — Characters Communicate

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2017-03-13 12:47 am

any heavy thing (vmars, veronica/logan)

Title: Any Heavy Thing
Charactes: Veronica/Logan
Wordcount: 700
Notes: Domestic fluff with no redeeming qualities. With thanks to andthenisay, who decided that Logan likes Golden Girls.
Summary: Two people, their dog, their baggage, and a couch.

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2017-02-25 10:42 pm
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when you're not ride-or-die, you're... walk-and-live?

Discussion of Buffy/Spike and rape apology behind the cut.

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2013-07-06 02:05 am

you're a marshmallow, veronica mars (vmars, gen)

Title: You're a Marshmallow, Veronica Mars
Characters: Veronica, Lilly
Wordcount: 1200
Summary: Part of you will live forever.
Notes: Rape and assault references comparable to canon. Probably sketchy in terms of timeline, whoops.

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