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04 December 2016
SPN mundane alternate universe genderswapped f!Cas/f!Dean. With Sam and bees, as one does.

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18 April 2016
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The angel likes Coldplay. Deal with it.

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16 September 2010
Title: Like the Rifle
Author: [ profile] damalur
Artist: [ profile] ishie
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Fandom: Supernatural + The Big Bang Theory
Length: 15,100 words
Rating: R
Warnings: Words Mary Cooper would not appreciate, mild violence and sexuality, suggestion of a romantic relationship between two people raised as siblings (although not related by blood).

art | fic

( part one - part two )

Notes: I would be absolutely remiss if I didn't first thank [ profile] ishie, whose accompanying art and mixes are gorgeous beyond anything I imagined could come from this story. ♥ Seriously, I know it is right and proper for an author to gush over her artist's work in a big bang, but the pieces she's created are both beautiful in their own right and capture that perfect story I was trying to tell, the story that lived in my imagination, rather than the flawed story I managed to capture. Thanks to A.J., who wished to be identified as an editor rather than a beta reader (red pens for everyone!), and to [ profile] southern_heaven, who put up with my flailing and floundering alike.

Section titles come from (guys I don't even know), except for Driver picks the music, which hails from Supernatural, And I know that you'll find, which belongs to Death Cab for Cutie, and You walk by, which is straight from the songbook of Patsy Cline. Forty billion stars to anyone who knows why I gave Penny a Mare's Leg.

"Why did you climb Everest?" "Because it was there," you know? Crossovers are always tricky in terms of characterization, and I can't claim to have walked that tightrope without tumbling off three or thirty times, but by the hammer of Thor, writing this was fun.
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Title: The Road Away From Here
Characters: Dean, Lisa, Ben, much ado about the absent Sam, only slightly less ado about Cas.
Warning: 83% more enjoyable if you ship Dean/Cas.
Rating: PG-13 for frank discussion of the boning of angels.
Summary: Sam goes to hell. Cas goes to heaven. Dean gets drunk, plays at domesticity, fails to sleep with Lisa, and continues to be far too involved with his car.
Notes: Is there a single person in this fandom who hasn't tried to cope with 5x22 by writing an episode tag? And yet again I cave to the collective peer pressure of fandom.
Spoiler: Jesus dies, but he gets better.

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There is context for this sitting on my hard drive, but one of the nicest things about porn is that it often does not require context.

Title: Making the Effort
Characters: Dean/Castiel
Wordcount: 1800
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unabashed schmoop, hot man-on-angel action, Dean saying the "l" word (not that one, the other one).
Summary: At Dean's suggestion, Cas has been practicing the sin of Onan.
Notes: Title lifted from Good Omens. No clavicles were ravished in the making of this fic.

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