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Logan is bar-none one of the best superhero films I have ever experienced -- or, at least, it's one of my favorite superhero films, which is not something I thought I'd ever say about a Fox movie (short of Fox figuring out how to make a Fantastic Four vehicle where Doctor Doom is actually the despotic science-wizard ruler of a small European country). I knew I'd be a little biased going into it, because Laura Kinney is on my god tier of Marvel characters, but shit that was a good movie.

I think it falls into the same category of superhero films as Guardians or Iron Man or even Deadpool; the writers and director and lead actors all had a particular story they wanted to tell and a particular tone they wanted to capture, and they were allowed to pursue that vision without undue interference from the studio (and, in some cases, were willing to fight to be allowed to pursue that vision). The results are striking because they're specific rather than broad.

Anyway, this one is definitely going in the buy pile, and I don't even own Captain America: Civil War, which is definitely one of the better Iron Man movies out there.
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05 November 2016
Doctor Strange was great but what I really want to talk about is one very specific reaction I had to it: I am so tired of Supporting Girlfriend, and I am so tired of being tired of Supporting Girlfriend. This is not a complaint about any one character – it is not a complaint about Jane Foster or Pepper Potts or Christina Palmer in particular – but it is a complaint about how superhero films are structured over and over to make The Girl Character an accessory to the story of Our Square Jawed Hero, sometimes to the extent that we have almost no sense of The Girl Character outside of her relationship with Square Jaw.

This is a role complaint, not a character complaint. I like Supporting Girlfriend (she’s at the top of her field and willing to call Square Jaw on his shit!); I would like a movie centered around Supporting Girlfriend; I would also like a superhero movie about a superhero who is also a woman where her story drives the action and her needs are paramount rather than ancillary. Maybe she was originally a Supporting Girlfriend, and maybe not! I can’t afford to be picky. I am so ready for Captain Marvel. I am SO READY FOR WONDER WOMAN. And where is my Black Widow movie.
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Cracking up over this post on the Delicious blog. It's as if they're just now discovering that they themselves sank the Delicious/Fandom ship years ago.

Went to see Man of Steel over the weekend.

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08 June 2013

I just need to talk about how these movies are the best movies and about Jim Craig and horses and Jessica on her colt and Jim repeatedly asking Jessica what she wants and the hat tips and the drover's whip and the epic music and the epic cinematography and how it is a crime a crime that the amount of fanfiction approaches zero and about Denny and how I will never be over what happens to Denny and how I would sell more than one of my organs for a third movie, that's what I need to talk about.