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Title: Purplest Prose
Characters: Hawke/Varric, Cassandra, Carver
Wordcount: 5k
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Crack, Fluff, Established Relationship, Friend Fiction
Notes: Written for [ profile] timestreams in thanks for her Fandom Trumps Hate donation. This labor would have been impossible without [personal profile] odyle and is also posted on AO3.
Summary: Hawke, Varric, a book convention, and a proliferation of unauthorized sequels.

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Title: The Dragon's Retirement
Characters: Hawke/Varric, Dorian/Bull, Cassandra/Inquisitor
Wordcount: 3k
Notes: Written as a treat for my pinch hitters & gift givers in Hightown Funk 2015. Set in the same universe as Greatly Approved.
Summary: Stop! Wait a minute!

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Title: Greatly Approved
Pairing: Hawke/Varric
Wordcount: 35k
Notes: Written for the Dragon Age Kink Meme, more details on AO3.
Summary: An apostate's guide to popular fiction. Or: Hawke runs headlong into Cassandra's book club, Varric comes along for the ride.

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