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27 November 2016
Once upon a time I started writing a Kylo Ren/Hux AU where they were only horrible in petty ways and where Ben had three younger siblings named Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin and here it is and I remain very fond of it, thank you.

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Only a placeholder for now until I take the time to format it for Dreamwidth.

Title: Hawkeye Does America
Characters: America/Kate, Clint, Lucky
Wordcount: 6849
Summary: Kate Bishop, a.k.a. Hawkeye, is the greatest sharpshooter known to man — yeah, even better than that other guy. This is what happens when she hits the Mother Road.

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Title: Emotionally Magnificent
Characters: Hawke/Varric, Aveline
Wordcount: 11606
Notes: For Hightown Funk 2016. Also on AO3.
Summary: Hawke pines out loud.

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I am very behind in backing up fic.

Title: Hazards of the Job
Characters: Hawke/Varric, Aveline
Wordcount: 1204
Notes: For Hightown Funk 2016. Also on AO3.
Summary: Tethras and Hawke, on the case.

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05 November 2016
Doctor Strange was great but what I really want to talk about is one very specific reaction I had to it: I am so tired of Supporting Girlfriend, and I am so tired of being tired of Supporting Girlfriend. This is not a complaint about any one character – it is not a complaint about Jane Foster or Pepper Potts or Christina Palmer in particular – but it is a complaint about how superhero films are structured over and over to make The Girl Character an accessory to the story of Our Square Jawed Hero, sometimes to the extent that we have almost no sense of The Girl Character outside of her relationship with Square Jaw.

This is a role complaint, not a character complaint. I like Supporting Girlfriend (she’s at the top of her field and willing to call Square Jaw on his shit!); I would like a movie centered around Supporting Girlfriend; I would also like a superhero movie about a superhero who is also a woman where her story drives the action and her needs are paramount rather than ancillary. Maybe she was originally a Supporting Girlfriend, and maybe not! I can’t afford to be picky. I am so ready for Captain Marvel. I am SO READY FOR WONDER WOMAN. And where is my Black Widow movie.
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25 September 2016
[personal profile] odyle: oh god
What if Jack proposes to Bitty before a game
so that becomes part of his pre-game routine
so he has to do it before every game from then on
Like, if bitty is there, he'll go propose to him
If he isn't, he facetimes him

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There must be other people out there excited for Infamous Iron Man, right? Right?? There is so much potential for hilarity there. Like, what if in every issue, Doom alters one more piece of his flashy new armor to look like like traditional Doom attire until by issue #15 he’s literally just this:

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11 September 2016
Remember these? Weren't they fun??

eta here's how to do fancy links - works for all major platforms including ao3

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11 September 2016
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08 September 2016
Here is my current list of demands for the hypothetical Invisible Woman series that Bleeding Cool suggests maybe could possibly be happening:

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05 September 2016
I can’t believe I’m saying this as someone continually beating the drum of Include More Women In The Marvel Brain Trust, but I think F4 retcons and remakes need to stop trying to make Sue a superscientist. She’s awesome on her own merit, and turning every member of the team into a genius on par with Noodle Husband or Murder Uncle actually makes them less interesting as a group, not more.

I suspect the logic of a lot of writers is that to make Sue an equal partner for Reed, she has to meet him on the field of whizbangery – or, if I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt, it’s that they can’t fathom why Reed would be interested in Sue unless she’s also a superscientist. I recently had a guy tell me that he couldn’t understand why someone as smart as Peter Parker would be interested in “a bimbo” like Mary Jane, and I’m thinking that sentiment is not a foreign attitude re: Sue and Reed.

I am really, horrifically new to loving the Fantastic Four as more than historically noteworthy supporting characters in Spider-Man stories, but I don’t see why Sue needs to be smart in the same ways (or to the same degree) as Reed to make her an awesome character. For one thing, making her a superscientist isn’t developing her for her own sake, it’s developing her for Reed’s sake, and for another, she has her own stuff going on, and it’s lazy writing to substitute Reed’s schtick for Sue’s schtick instead of growing Sue’s schtick in ways that are new and interesting while still being grounded in who she is as a character.

Retcons and remakes aren’t inherently bad – I find it downright uncomfortable to read a lot of earlier F4 stuff, and I way prefer the gentle-but-accidentally-arrogant Reed and spine-of-steel Sue that it seems I encounter in more recent comics – but!!! But!!!!!! Let Sue be Sue!!!!!!!!!!

Also, movies need to stop pretending Doom is anything but the despotic technomage ruler of a small European country.
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08 August 2016
Fic where Anders actually /is/ building a mage rebellion out in the middle of a wasteland and he realizes that he can’t be the one to lead it because a.) nobody quite trusts him because b.) he’s constantly on the verge of going all glowy-vengence spirit, so Anders tracks down the one person who has a chance of holding the whole thing together, the one person who just maybe has the charisma and daring and streak of crazy to make it work: Hawke.

And listen, Hawke’s a mess. Hawke just fought her way out of the Fade. Hawke just wants to kick back on the beach with a cold beer. Hawke has no connection to the Circle of Magi because Hawke was raised apostate by an apostate’s apostate (in fact Hawke’s only view on the Circle is that it secretly terrifies her – living like that, growing up like that, being locked away in a tower and reminded every day that your great moral failing is not a matter of choice but of /existence/). Hawke, who is incapable of displaying two consecutive moments of serious heartfelt emotion, who is so thoroughly a mask that she doesn’t realize there’s something underneath the mask, who has no interest in being a hero and only wants to keep the people within arm’s distance safe, suddenly has to consider whether or not she wants to be the leader of a revolution.

She actually does consider it, because it’s Anders asking, and because it’s what Bethany would have wanted, and because – well, what does she have to lose? Malcolm used to say that “magic should serve that which is best in us, not that which is most base,” and you can bet your ass that if he hadn’t had three kids to protect he’d have been burning every Circle to the ground by the time he was thirty. (I’m thinking shades of If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for here, because this isn’t Hawke trying to save her family or Hawke cleaning up what she perceives to be her own mess, this is Hawke stepping forward and claiming a destiny, but it’s also Hawke being tired and done and thinking that if she’s going to go, she might as well make it worth something.)

Anyway, there’s about twelve million tons of crack in Professional Hot Mess Marian Hawke agreeing to and then figuring out how to lead a mage rebellion, assisted by trusted advisors Isabela (mostly here for the kicks, doesn’t want to get involved but secretly cares a little bit about not locking people up) and Fenris (hates magic, hates mages, also secretly cares a little bit about not locking people up as a matter of principle but don’t you dare call him out on it). Varric may or may not be Kirkwall’s Viscount in this story, but if he is, you can bet he gets increasingly desperate letters from Anders (”Varric, what was I thinking”) and increasingly nonchalant letters from Hawke (”Carver farted in front of that chevalier he’s infatuated with today and it was hilarious, also please disregard any reports of Val Royeaux burning, it was a light torching at best”).

this might be the endgame of the hawke epic i never write idk idk
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31 July 2016
The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to believe that what Captain Marvel needs is a writer willing to do what Fraction did with Invincible Iron Man or Brubaker did with Captain America or even what Aaron is doing with his roster of Thor books. DeConnick did a really great job drawing on the early themes of Ms. Marvel + the stuff Brian Reed introduced to reconceptualize Carol, but now I think someone needs to take that concept and refine it in the context of plot-heavy stories – we need not only a writer willing to do comics-level psychological digging into the character but also someone who’s going to construct substantial, engaging arcs around Carol.

(Uh, maybe this is not “we need” so much as “I want”, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how Marvel has been using her in the comics, and I’m not convinced they’ve figured out the best way to push her as an A-list character.)

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24 July 2016
I’m completely on board with everyone who’s disappointed that Marvel Studios didn’t cast an older actress for Carol Danvers, but now that Brie Larson has been officially cast in the role, I think it’s really, really important to support her and the Captain Marvel movie for the same reason it’s important to support Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman. Both of these movies need to make money and be demonstrably successful for studios to be willing to bank on other woman-led superhero movies; it’s sexist and it sucks, but it’s a reality of our current and very broken Hollywood system.

DC and Marvel have collectively managed to field three movies about superheroines: 1984′s Supergirl, 2004′s Catwoman, and 2005′s Elektra. Movies like The Hunger Games has started to shift the paradigm, but we can’t assume success for Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. Talk about how disappointed you are with Brie Larson or that studios won’t cast older actresses or that executives won’t allow actresses to bulk up for action roles – just don’t let any of that prevent you from buying a ticket.

(Also, Marvel did managed to snag a critically-acclaimed rising star for Carol, and that’s pretty excellent, too! None of this may be ideal, but it’s better than one more movie about a white guy named Chris. I’m hoping Black Panther and Captain Marvel are the start of a new trend, not end goals themselves.)
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08 July 2016
I’m excited to see what Margaret Stohl does with Captain Marvel, but I’m also a little concerned about how quickly the creative teams are cycling. I realize that’s a problem with Marvel as a whole right now (you get a relaunch! and you get a relaunch!), but there are plenty of books that seem to be retaining at least their writers through the new #1s.

On the other hand, I’m not surprised to see the series floundering after DeConnick’s departure. Marvel has an opportunity to let someone new shape Carol – but that requires not only a writer with the time to commit but also a willingness from Marvel to keep that writer on that book for the duration (with minimal disruptions from events, even!).

On the third hand, I am DISTRAUGHT TO SEE KRIS ANKA LEAVING. :((((
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07 July 2016
Six more books I would make happen as Marvel Editor-in-Chief:

Force Works
Jeremy Whitley & Ming Doyle

The next generation of Iron Men is here… or make that… Iron Women!? Join Riri Williams (a.k.a. IRON MAN), Toni Ho (a.k.a. IRON PATRIOT), and Lila Rhodes (a.k.a. WAR MACHINE) as they argue about the best distribution of Linux, ignore the advice of mentor Suzi Endo, and gear up to take on the world’s most wanted. And when Tony Stark returns from his relaxing vacation on Consistent Characterization Island, he has a problem only the newest incarnation of the Illuminati can solve… Guest starring Valeria Richards!

Kathryn Immonen & Aaron Lopresti

Quaint term your mom uses for her college buddies or indicator of two women in a romantic relationship? It’s up to you to decide as life partners Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew take on the world hand-in-hand. Join Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman as they (platonically?) plan a life, raise a kid, and assemble Ikea furniture together – and somehow find time for coffee dates in between thwarting Earth’s biggest threats!

Galactus, Herald of Franklin
Matt Fraction & Kenneth Rocafort

Universal scourge Galactus is getting by with a little help from his friends – Franklin Richards and Franklin Richards! When Franklin Richards travels back to the past to spend time with his younger self, he doesn’t expect his future partner-in-crime to follow him, but Galactus isn’t about to let Franklin and Franklin have all the fun! And when Franklin and Franklin accidentally create a pocket universe populated entirely by shrimp, Galactus’s hunger might be the only solution…

Val ‘n’ Victor
Jonathan Hickman & Stephanie Hans

Valeria Richards and Uncle Doom are up to no good… or are they? Even supergeniuses need time to relax, and that’s why Val ‘n’ Victor start their quest to sample ice cream from all fifty of NOW Magazine’s top ice creameries. Follow Marvel’s most strangely charming avuncular duo as they ponder the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything over two scoops of their favorite flavor in this comic guaranteed to be short on action and long on dialogue!

Honey, I Corrupted the Kids
Marguerite Bennett & David Lopez

Why do the Richards children keep adopting supervillains? Marvel powerhouse Sue Storm and her husband Noodle Husband are on the case! Plus, join Sue as she investigates why Noodle Husband’s hugs are the best and also the creepiest. You won’t want to miss the book called “face-slappingly satisfying” by Readers Against Namor and “kind of okay” by critics everywhere!

Luke Cage: Baby Holder
Al Ewing & Brittney Williams

It’s tough work, but someone has to appear in the background panels of Jessica Jones’s comic to hold the baby, and Power Man is the man for the job! When he isn’t fighting crime with his BFF, Luke Cage is looking to be the best dad out there – and he knows that means keeping Danielle out-of-the-way but still visible lest readers forget case-crackin’ P.I. Jessica Jones also has a husband and kid. Hailed as “Marvel’s most sedentary series”, this is the ground-breaking run that dares to revolve around handsome men cuddling cute babies!
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12 June 2016
Here are six books I would make happen if I supplanted Axel Alonso at Marvel.

Tony Stark: Iron Man
Kelly Sue DeConnick & David Marquez

You asked for it and we answered – here’s an intense study of Tony Stark as he tinkers with his armor, banters with his A.I., and engineers a better filing system! Noted for its close attention to character continuity, this is the book that dares to put Tony’s demons to rest so he can finally get a good night’s sleep and I can stop worrying about him. Features a mysterious girlfriend who may or may not be a resurrected Rumiko Fujikawa and introduces Lila Rhodes as Tony’s protégé. James Rhodes appears in alternating issues!

Gambit and Storm vs. the World
Marjorie Liu & Kris Anka

In an effort to reconnect with an old friend, Ororo Munroe takes some time off from the X-Men to help Remy Lebeau with the start-up cat shelter he runs out of an abandoned Catholic church. When one of the cats goes missing, it’s up to Ororo, Remy, and guest-star Laura Kinney to track the feline to a sinister location… (Spoiler alert: the cat is unharmed!)

Captain Marvel Team-Up
Greg Rucka & Valerio Schiti

Carol Danvers is traveling the country to revisit her past and reclaim her lost memories – and it looks like she’s going to need some help! Watch as she works with Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, War Machine, Hulkling, and more to stop evil, do good, and break every speed record on the books. Did we mention that each issue ends with Carol splitting a tub of ice cream with her guest-star as they celebrate how great it feels to heal from emotional trauma? You better believe it!

Foggy Nelson, Avocado at Law
Mark Waid & Fiona Staples

Join Foggy Nelson, Marvel’s most decent attorney, as he takes on the biggest case of his life: convincing his best friend to listen to him! It’s an uphill battle, but someone’s gotta persuade Matt Murdock that his office doesn’t have to be at the bottom of an abandoned elevator shaft – and Foggy, armed with forgiveness, self-care packages, and the number of a good therapist, is just the guy to do it!

War Machine Rox
Ales Kot & Marcio Takara

Jim Rhodes, a.k.a. WAR MACHINE, is finally taking back the respect he deserves! This ground-breaking series challenges Rhodey to outfly and outgun Earth’s biggest threats while still making enough time to give the Young Avengers flight lessons and bake his niece a birthday cake. And is that the president asking Rhodey to put together his own hand-picked task force? You’ll find out in one of the next eighty issues!

Hawkeye Does America
Chelsea Cain & Annie Wu

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye, not Hawkguy) roams the country in her convertible while righting wrongs, sampling regional cocktails, and flirting aggressively with Miss America (Chavez, that is). Guest-stars Clint Barton (Hawkguy, not Hawkeye) and Pizza Dog in a sporadic backup feature where they call Kate for advice on how to complete basic household tasks!
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Tony, Carol, and their ongoing argument over who Rhodey loves the most.

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