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hightown funk 2017

Dear Author,

Hi! Thanks so much for making a gift for me. This letter has a lot of ideas and suggestions to get you started, but I'm going to adore whatever you create even if you ignore all of the below. I'm also including some information about my general likes and dislikes; if you have any questions, my askbox is always open for anonymous questions.

I'm down with any rating from G to NC-17, although porn for porn's sake is usually not my thing. My favorite tropes include female friendships, battle couples, epistolary stories, mutual pining, cats, crack, atonement arcs, slow burn, outside POV, banter, and competence. Elements I dislike are animal abuse, infidelity, rape, and self-harm. I like happy endings, but I'm also a big fan of dark or ambiguous endings, too; if you are moved to write angst or dark fic, go for it.

I prefer my Marian Hawke as ridiculous as possible, with the idea that she hides both her deep-seated anger and her core of pure marshmallow beneath jokes and barbs. That her relationship with Varric grows out of a very deep friendship is one of the things I like best about their dynamic; there's trust there, but there's also a lot that goes unsaid.


Prompt #1

Character: Purple, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Epistolary, Pining, Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Isabela (Dragon Age), Fenris (Dragon Age), Aveline Vallen, Cassandra Pentaghast, Alternate Universe, Carver Hawke, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Duty, Angst with a Happy Ending, Iron Bull

Some non-binding ideas!

1. Varric trying to make nice with Carver. I love Carver. I love Carver so much. Any exploration of Carver and Hawke's relationship would also be A+ (Hawke family hijinks? Carver meets the Inquisition? Post-Fade reunion?), but I'd also really enjoy Carver and Varric reluctantly working together to pull Hawke's bacon out of the fire.

2. Cassandra POV of Hawke and Varric (or just Cassandra, really!). Maybe she calls them out on their obvious sexual tension, maybe she points out that many of Varric's novels are thinly-disguised fantasies about Hawke, maybe she and Hawke join forces to terrify Thedas, maybe all of the above.

3. Hawke attempts to write love letters. Varric succeeds at writing love letters. Can be established relationship or set in a world where the whole thing starts as a joke and then turns way too serious ("Move over, Hawke, and let a professional show you how it's done. See, what makes a good love letter is its specificity. Say I'm writing to you - I'd have to mention your wild abandon, your loyalty, the jaunt of your hips beneath all that dented armor...")

4. AU where Hawke and Varric meet under different circumstances, immediately piss each other off, and proceed to have a minor and incredibly petty rivalry that eventually exists in name only and is pretty much just an excuse for them to banter and stare at each other.

5. Something that makes Hawke sad. Make her the saddest, author. Make her so sad, make her sure her love is unrequited, make her feel abandoned and alone, leave her only with her grit and determination to keep going in a world that keeps upping the stakes against her... and then send her Varric. (Something set post-DA2 but before the Skyhold reunion might work here. Or not!)

6. Fusion with The Office. The roles don't have to match up exactly, but I kind of envision Hawke as the Dwight-character (ridiculous, rural roots, regarded with exasperated tolerance, hypercompetent) with Carver as Mose. Varric goes from pranking Hawke to falling in love with her, maybe? Or however you want to make this work, I'm so down for it, nothing about this universe makes sense but I want it.

I think probably all of these are self-explanatory, but if none of them catch your interest, feel free to write something else based on my tags! Anything with pining is a safe bet, particularly if Hawke and Varric actually manage to discuss their mutual feelings but can't act on them because of some duty-based reason. Also totally down for one or both of them being oblivious emotional idiots. My favorite other characters are Carver, Fenris, Isabela, and Cassandra; for other pairings, I'm okay with just about anything but really like Fenris/Isabela, Bull/Dorian, and Cassandra/Inquisitor.

Friendship stuff also really floats my boat. Show me how well Hawke and Varric know each other or how much they enjoy spending time together, and I'm yours.


Prompt #2

Character: Purple or Red, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Angst, Rivalry, Rival Relationship, Dark, Blood Magic

What I'd love for this prompt is a rival romance between Hawke (maybe a Hawke who has lost both of her siblings) and Varric (who loves needling her too much to let her go), but any darker take on their relationship would be awesome. I'd prefer a Hawke who is still sarcastic at the core, but if you want to take her down an angrier path, that'd be awesome, too. There's a lot about how Varric and Hawke could be good together; show me all the ways they could be bad for each other.

If angst or dark stories are your cup of tea, I'd love to see how a rival romance between Hawke and Varric would play out. It's hard to rival Varric in DA2, so feel free to write your own take without sticking to a canon story - it'd be super interesting to see this play out between a purple!Hawke and Varric, who maybe rub each other the wrong way because they're too similar. Feel free to be unrelenting in how you write them - I love both characters, but I know they're not without their flaws.

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