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hellcat & she-hulk would be a great b-list movie

For [tumblr.com profile] odylism:

Patsy sneaks into Jen’s hospital room. Strictly speaking, there’s probably no need for her to go behind everyone’s backs, but she’s not feeling up to dealing with the people that know her (”Wait, is that Patsy?”) and she’s definitely not up to dealing with the people that don’t (”Aren’t you… Hellkitty?”). There’s a pretty decent crowd of hero-types gathered just down the hall, because everyone likes Jen, but none of them are talking to each other, and Patsy has seen enough aftermaths to know this one is going to be rough. Through the crowd, she catches a glimpse of Carol Danvers sitting on the floor against the wall with her knees drawn up and a square of gauze taped over one eye. Rough, and maybe deservedly so.

Jen’s laid out on a bed barely big enough to hold her, surrounded by whatever medical equipment the Triskelion’s medical team had deemed Hulk-proof. She looks pretty not great – “not great” being about the lowest you can sink when you’re a super-strong green bombshell with a law degree – and if ever there were a time for anguished confessions, this would be it.

Patsy, with a tenderness that surprises her, reaches out and brushes a stringy clump of Jen’s hair away from her forehead, and then she leans very close and puts her mouth to Jen’s ear.

“Jen,” she says. “Jennifer. Jennifer Walters. If you don’t wake up, who’s going to sign my paychecks?”

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