damalur: (happy squid!)
no, use my SPACE name! ([personal profile] damalur) wrote2017-01-02 09:41 am
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death knell

After hearing about the server migration, I went ahead and deleted my Livejournal. Talk about the end of an era - even though I hadn't crossposted there in years, it was still kind of comforting to know that my old posts were still kicking around on Paradox or Buffy Top 5.

I know fandom is currently enamored with Imzy, but I'm really holding out hope that Pillowfort is the platform of choice for the next big migration. Beta access keys should be sent out in the next couple of weeks, and I'm excited to actually try the site out; it looks like it'll be a solid combination of the ease and pacing of Tumblr with the threaded commenting and communities of LJ/DW.

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