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death knell

After hearing about the server migration, I went ahead and deleted my Livejournal. Talk about the end of an era - even though I hadn't crossposted there in years, it was still kind of comforting to know that my old posts were still kicking around on Paradox or Buffy Top 5.

I know fandom is currently enamored with Imzy, but I'm really holding out hope that Pillowfort is the platform of choice for the next big migration. Beta access keys should be sent out in the next couple of weeks, and I'm excited to actually try the site out; it looks like it'll be a solid combination of the ease and pacing of Tumblr with the threaded commenting and communities of LJ/DW.
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I paid for my LJ before it became known that the servers have moved to Russia, now I've signed at diaspora, which has servers hosting in my home country and I'm looking around to see where I would pay for webspace in my home country to link pics, which is the main reason I'm still having a paid account at LJ.
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Diaspora feels a bit like facebook only without centralized servers, meaning you're on your own and you have to find people to connect with. No communities, though, and you work with tags and aspects (meaning groups of people you put together by themes). There are bots who post news items and there's also an ignore button so you can filter out fake-news.

Two plusses : https servers and admins on your pod (that's the decentralized server that has your data) who are persons.
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I'd not heard of Pillowfort. If nothing else, it wins for coolest name.
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Oh *man*, I wish I'd known about the Kickstarter. Sigh.
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That would be awesome. You are ultra sweet.

I don't think that fandom really is enamored of Imzy, FWIW. Imzy tries hard, but it's not really what fandom is looking for. I've seen a LOT of drop off in participation from fandom (what little there was of it to begin with!). I think a lot of people just staked out their turf on the off chance that it became something.
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I forgot Imzy existed again.

Did you get me on Pillowfort a while back or was that a different site?