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2017 writing goals

I didn't do an end-of-year writing meme for 2016 (because I posted so little fic!), but here's five things I'd like to get done this year:

  1. Write and post the next part of Crucible, which has basically been my goal for the past two years. I have made no forward progress!!! Hopefully Andromeda's release with strike a spark.

  2. Stark Disassembled. The first part received about -5 attention, but I'm still really digging the idea of getting the other four parts up; that's a story I'm writing for myself.

  3. Finish all my giftfic by the end of March! I have one long overdue Hawke/Varric fic that is my current priority, and I'm offering two stories for the Fandom Trumps Hate auction.

  4. I'm moving into 2017 with a substantial bit of work done on three longer one-offs: Bliss, a Luke/Mara AU where Mara is roped into building the New Jedi Order; Conversational, a Buffy/Spike post-canon fic where I work out all my NFA feelings; and Raising Hypatia, which is 7k of Sheldon, Penny, and their daughter, because I still haven't gotten out from under that fandom's thumb. None of them will take much time to finish.

  5. Write more Hawke. Hawke is so much fun to write. I should finally make that Hawke/Cassandra thing happen.

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