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Once upon a time I started writing a Kylo Ren/Hux AU where they were only horrible in petty ways and where Ben had three younger siblings named Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin and here it is and I remain very fond of it, thank you.

Hux was the newest but also possibly the most competent member of General Leia Organa's command staff. As General Organa's hand-picked aide, he had certain privileges, certain accesses, that the rest of her staff did not. Some combination of this, Hux's less-than-favorable lineage, and his passion for efficiency had resulted in a blatant disregard for Hux as a strategist and a comrade-in-arms, but that was acceptable; they would learn.

Unfortunately and despite the general's confidence, he was still new to the position, and with that came occasional… surprises. For instance: the tall man standing in General Organa's outer offices.

"Excuse me," said Hux in what was not at all a charitable tone. "Who are you, and why are you cluttering up the general's office?"

"I'm waiting for her," the man said.

"Mm," said Hux. "I suppose that means you have an appointment," he added, even though he knew very well the man did not have an appointment; very few people had as thorough a knowledge of the general's schedule as Hux, the general herself included.

The man scowled. He had a remarkable arrangement of features; his ears wouldn't look out of place on a gundark. "Why would I have an appointment?" he demanded. "And who are you, anyway?"

"Why wouldn't you have an appointment?" Hux countered, aware that his increasing frustration with this entitled intruder was less than attractive but, to be frank, not caring a whit. The idiot probably wasn't a security breach, but he was clearly loitering--not only that, but he was wasting Hux's time. "General Organa is a busy woman. I assure you she doesn't have the time to see every common supplicant who comes through her doors."

The man's eyebrows rose. "General Organa," he said, "is my mother."

Ah, thought Hux. That would explain both the lightsaber at the man's belt and the Corellian bloodstripes on his trousers. Because he was beginning to dislike the man immensely, Hux added, "And does being her son mean you can ignore protocol entirely?"

"Yes!" the man growled back. "No. Where is she?"

"Busy," said Hux. "As I said. Would you like to make an appointment?"

Astonishingly, the man's hand twitched towards his lightsaber before he thought better of it and settled on sticking his finger in Hux's face. So much for the vaunted Jedi control-- and apparently General Organa's impeccable manners weren't hereditary, either. "Listen here," the man said, his finger still stabbing at Hux. "You can get me my mother, or I can get her myself, but--"


The man's attention immediately shifted from Hux to the woman who had appeared in the doorway. "Mother!" he said. With a last scathing look in Hux's direction, tossed pointedly over one broad shoulder, he started in her direction; Hux merely pursed his lips in response. It wasn't his place to judge how General Organa reared her child, after all, even if he appeared old enough to be terminally reared. At any rate, he at least seemed appropriately appreciative of her; he folded over her much smaller frame like he was still a boy who could be enveloped by his mother instead of a man who enveloped her entirely.

General Organa tousled her son's ridiculous nest of hair and then, once he'd released her, turned to Hux. "Captain!" she said. "I see you've met my oldest son, Ben. Ben, this is Captain Hux, my new aide. I commandeered him from Airen while you were away."

"I'm back now," Solo said.

"For how long?" said the general. "I know Luke had you out tracking down Lor--"

"Rey and I found him in the Western Reaches," Solo said. "He was in trouble with--ah, I can tell you later. How's Dad?"

That casual Corellian address threw Hux momentarily, but fortunately, neither of the Organas were paying enough attention to notice his slip. The general was already pulling Solo towards her suite, and Hux, who had been on his way to a meeting with Starfighter Command to coordinate a mission into Hutt space, gathered his datapad and made his own exit. With luck and forbearance, he wouldn't see much of the general's son, who, like his father, appeared to be too much of an individual for Hux's taste.

Hux had, once in a very rare while, been known to be wrong before.

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