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recs: the scarlet pimpernel

This is a mishmash of canons but leans heavily in favor of the books, which are still some of the most overwrought and incredible identity porn I have ever read. What I like in The Scarlet Pimpernel fic is a sympathetic, compassionate Percy and a Marguerite who takes no prisoners.

AMarguerite on FFN is my favorite author for the latter; they have a fantastic pre-canon series that shows the early days of Marguerite and Percy's courtship and Marguerite's involvement in France's political scene. Unlike a lot of authors, they balance a good dose of historical context with excellent characterization. The Marguerite in these stories breathes; she is flawed and likable and interesting and absolutely a force. Also includes maybe my favorite first meeting between Percy and Marguerite -- it's one that makes it easy to see why Marguerite would fall for Percy even when he isn't yet being honest about himself.

Comme Dans l'Histoire by AMarguerite
A fic in which Sir Percy meets Marguerite for the first time, blushes profusely, and engages in the noble sport of cravat watching. Paul Déroulède and Sir Andrew make appearances, and Marguerite acts the part of Pysche. 5k, rated K.

La Réapparition by AMarguerite
A companion piece, of sorts, to 'Comme Dans l'Histoire', though it should make sense on its own. Marguerite and Percy remeet after two years, Armand gets trapped in a riot, Paul Déroulède has a cameo appearance, and Marguerite is cynical about love. 11k, rated K+.

Le Deluge by AMarguerite
In which Marguerite holds a session of her salon despite marital law, turns in the Marquis de SaintCyr, and realizes that Sir Percy may be serious when he says that he is in love with her. Featuring historial cameos! 34k, rated K.

If AMarguerite writes my favorite Marguerite, then Maisedoat writes my favorite Percy. I particularly like the emphasis on Percy's kindness not only towards aristocrats but towards all the victims of the Reign of Terror. It may also be true that I have an infinite capacity to reread "The Birthday Ball" for reasons of identity porn.

Wedding Night and Wedding Morn by Maisedoat
On board The Day Dream, and man and a woman reach out to each other. 2k, rated T.

Letters from France by Maisedoat
Letters home from a man in love with his own wife. 5k, rated T.

The Birthday Ball by Maisedoat
Follows the Letters from France series and takes place at the ball in honour of Lady Blakeney's Birthday. But where is her husband, the Prince of Dandies? 2k, rated T.

And here's a couple of my other favorites, including a superb WW2 AU:

Bed of Roses by Fyre
After a bad beginning to their marriage, Sir Percy and Marguerite are still troubled by the ill matters that haunted the first year. 3k, rated G.

Strength by MmeMozart182
A small scene that came to me one day...my take on the afternoon that Sir Percy asked Marguerite to marry him. 2k, rated T.

Somewhere in the middle by annagallis
An additional scene for the end of "The Scarlet Pimpernel". Warning: Fluff. 2k, rated M.

Twilight by Jade9
Set during 'Eldorado'. Andrew and Marguerite find that sometimes friendship can be the only thing to get you through difficult times. 2k, rated K.

The Invisible Savior by Belfast Docks
AU, set 1949-1950 - Actress Marguerite St. Just is signed to play the female lead in a documentary film about the mysterious "Scarlet Pimpernel"; an enigma who rescued innocents from concentration camps during the war. The only trouble is, she can't stand the film's financial backer...the most boring man in Europe, Sir Percy Blakeney. 34k, rated T.