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amnesty: pern AU (dragon age)

Hawke and Varric as dragonriders.


Varric wasn't exactly sure how he'd gone from telling the story about the time Hawke had taken on an ogre by herself to lying face-down on the floor while a very small dragon licked his hair. There were some steps missing there. Shit, a lot of steps.

"You know," came a voice, "I've never seen you that drunk before. You're normally more careful than that--although don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the entire ordeal immensely."

He worked some moisture back into his throat and croaked, "Hawke, is your dragon trying to eat my hair?"

"No," said Hawke, "but your dragon is trying to eat your hair."

"What," said Varric, flatly.

"Oh yes," said Hawke. "Nobody saw that coming, I'll tell you that much. Drunken dwarf staggers into a gathering and Impresses a brown? Not many dwarf Riders, much less drunken dwarves."

Huh. Maybe that pressure in his head wasn't actually a hangover. He cracked his eyes open again, and the brown blur in front of him resolved itself into what was very definitely not Hawke's gold. The dragon pulled away and then got down on its belly, its small face pressed against the floor. It had a couple of pieces of hair sticking out of its mouth.

Aw, shit.

The pressure in his head shifted to a note of curiosity, and the little thing nudged its nose against the side of Varric's face. No, that wasn't right--his nose, Vidararth's nose.

Aw, shit.