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shepard's eduction

IMPORTANT HEADCANON QUESTION: Does Shepard have a college degree?

The Yes Argument: Most commissioned officers are required to have a college education. I could see her managing to graduate before she turned eighteen, especially since whatever her background, she probably wasn't in a position to be schooled in a formal institution. (If this is the case, would she enlist at 18 and later be commissioned, or would they initially commission her at a higher rank? Maybe enlisting was her only way in.) I could also see an argument made that she attended some kind of Systems Alliance Naval Academy, earning the same general Bachelor of Science as most military university graduates.

The No Argument: No matter what background, Shepard's profile explicitly uses the term "enlist." Very, very rarely, enlisted personnel are commissioned based on excellent performance. The game makes no reference to Shepard attending any university.

Right now I'm leaning toward the "graduated by 18" explanation, which makes the most sense for spacer/colonist Shepard. This would be so much easier if I knew more about military life.

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