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Tony, Carol, and their ongoing argument over who Rhodey loves the most.

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someone needs to write matt/elektra crack
where matt pretends to be long-suffering and serious but keeps forgetting himself and having fun
and elektra would murder for a decent slice of pie

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18 April 2016
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25 February 2016
I'm a little over halfway through the novelization of The Force Awakens, and it's definitely... uh, serviceable. I'm not sure why they decided to dig up Foster to write this book when the last person to write a SW novelization not only knocked it out of the park but all the way to the moon, but it isn't a choice I would have made.

I do like some of the stuff Foster does with both Finn and Leia (it is really, really hard to read this book and remain unconvinced that Finn is in love with Rey which he is), although so far I feel like he's missing the point entirely with Kylo Ren; Foster's Ren is the sort of confident, generic villain that speaks with overly formal language at all times. There's apparently a part coming up about how Snoke groomed Ben from childhood, though, and that premise has promise.

Favorite part so far:
The three-dimensional imagery was mundane: standard-issue trooper personal history and training records. Nonetheless, Hux reviewed it carefully. When analyzing a psychological profile in search of an anomaly, one looked for small clues. A bit of correspondence, a favored quote, even the posture of the individual in question: Any of these might suffice to point to an explanation for the trooper's inexplicable behavior. He did not expect to find a picture of FN-2187 holding up a sign that read "I am going to go berserk and free a prisoner and steal a TIE fighter."
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08 February 2016
Dear Author,

Hi! Thanks so much for making a gift for me. This letter has a lot (maybe too many???) ideas and suggestions to get you started, but I'm going to adore whatever you create even if you ignore all of the below. I'm also including some information about my general likes and dislikes; if you have any questions, my askbox is always open (anon is on).

I'm down with any rating from G to NC-17, although porn for porn's sake is usually not my thing. My favorite tropes include female friendships, battle couples, epistolary stories, mutual pining, cats, crack, atonement arcs, slow burn, outside POV, banter, and competence. Het, femslash, and slash are all green lights, although many of my favorite pairings tend to fall under the "kind, clever men loving hard, dangerous women" umbrella.

Elements I dislike are animal abuse, infidelity, rape, and self-harm. That said, I do like dark stories, too, so please don't let any of these squicks prevent you from rolling with an awesome dark fic idea.

I like my Marian Hawke as ridiculous as possible, with the idea that she hides both her deep-seated anger and her core of pure marshmallow beneath jokes and barbs. That her relationship with Varric grows out of a very deep friendship is one of the things I like best about their dynamic; there's trust there, but there's also a lot that goes unsaid.


Prompt #1
Character: Purple, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Post-Canon, Alternate Universe, Angst, Humor, Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Reunions, Cassandra Pentaghast, Isabela (Dragon Age), Iron Bull, Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Fenris/Isabela, Malcolm Hawke, Carver Hawke

Down for post-canon, alternate universe, or whatever floats your boat! I'm a big fan of both angst and humor. If you go for the former, I'd love a story where Hawke stays behind in the Fade and everyone (read: Varric) deals with the repercussions; I like reunions, but I also like sad endings. If you go for the latter, literally anything with Hawke and Varric working together to fleece people at cards or a fighting ring would thrill me. If canon divergence is more your thing, I'm always up for a story with Hawke as the Inquisitor.

There aren't any characters that I particularly dislike, but my favorite dynamics are between Hawke and Cassandra, Isabela, the Iron Bull, Fenris, or Carver; as for Varric, I always like seeing his friendships explored, and in particularly enjoy when he interacts with Cassandra, Isabela, or Merrill. Anything about Hawke's relationship with her dad is going to automatically be a win, too.

There's not a lot more I can say here, Author! This is blanket permission to take any scrap of the above ideas or discard them entirely. I included some of my favorite characters and background pairings in the optional tags; if you want to take the "Fake/Pretend Relationship" trope and run with it, you're going to make me happy no matter what.

For alternate universes, how about Hawke as a reluctant private investigator and Varric as a muckracking journalist? Or, when in doubt: dragons.


Prompt #2
Character: Purple or Red, Mage, Default Marian Hawke
Relationship: Female Hawke/Varric
Optional Tags: Angst, Rivalry, Rival Relationship, Dark, Blood Magic

What I'd love for this prompt is a rival romance between Hawke (maybe a Hawke who has lost both of her siblings) and Varric (who loves needling her too much to let her go), but any darker take on their relationship would be awesome. I'd prefer a Hawke who is still sarcastic at the core, but if you want to take her down an angrier path, that'd be awesome, too. There's a lot about how Varric and Hawke could be good together; show me all the ways they could be bad for each other.

If angst or dark stories are your cup of tea, I'd love to see how a rival romance between Hawke and Varric would play out. It's hard to rival Varric in DA2, so feel free to write your own take without sticking to a canon story - it'd be super interesting to see this play out between a purple!Hawke and Varric, who maybe rub each other the wrong way because they're too similar. Feel free to be unrelenting in how you write them - I love both characters, but I know they're not without their flaws.
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05 February 2016
There's some weirdness in the current Marvel Star Wars comic, but my favorite part so far is the extremely realistic moment when, after Luke and his friends infiltrate an Imperial munitions factory, he gets distracted and runs off to liberate a jail full of slaves.

My second favorite moment is Leia clocking one of the Imperial soldiers in the face with her helmet.
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About eight hours ago I decided I should make a vid, despite knowing nothing about vidding or even knowing exactly where to find iMovie on my computer.

No Church in the Wild from Damalur vas Normandy on Vimeo.

Song: "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West
Password: redfive

I would really like to do something longer that compares Luke and the Empire against Rey and the First Order, but 1.) beyond my capability, 2.) TFA still in theaters, 3.) video editing software expensive -- who knew!!! (I had vague suspicions, but man.)
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19 January 2016
Confession: I completely lost it over this story. In my book it was easily the most engrossing part of Before the Awakening -- maybe because Rucka had already played with Damerons in Shattered Empire? -- and the writing and characterization were just dead-on. Leia shows up! Leia!!

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18 January 2016
Second short story in Before the Awakening and also probably definitely the most heartbreaking??? Which is saying something, because Finn's story made me want to cry liquid sadness.
Rey didn't believe a word of it, but she didn't believe in much outside of herself.
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14 January 2016
I just started Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka and there's this point where Finn is struggling because he wants to help one of his unit members but Phasma has told him that the other trooper has to stand or fall on his own, and there's this line:
He began to wonder if there was something wrong with him.
It hit me right in the gut, because man, of course that's where Finn's head is going to go first -- he didn't leap from This doesn't feel right to The First Order is evil and I've gotta get out without working through Something's wrong with ME first, not when he's been conditioned from infancy.

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11 January 2016
I'm finally back to Heir to the Empire (what a busy month!) and:
He was standing by the window, dressed in that same black tunic, pants, and high boots that he'd worn that day at Jabba's palace.
Sidenote: I love that the EU stuck to dressing Luke in black. It's a little on-the-nose, and I actually like Mark Hamill better in earth tones, and it's pretty clear that new canon is sticking to more traditional Jedi attire, but the black works for me. First of all, it so obviously reflective of his growth and maturity, but I've also always wondered if there's a subconscious need to echo his father there. Also, I can see Luke having a total inability to dress himself when he isn't borrowing clothes from someone, and after trying to coach him, Leia -- who who received training in comport and presentation as part of her education on Alderaan -- finally gives up and advises him to stick to flightsuits or black.
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31 December 2015
(Which I'm rereading!)

In case I had completely forgotten how incredible Zahn is at worldbuilding, he decided to throw it back in my face on page three:
There had been many commanders in the Fleet, he knew, who had seen the Emperor's original Death Star as a blatant attempt to bring the Empire's vast military power more tightly under his direct control, just as he'd already done with the Empire's political power. The fact that he'd ignored the battle station's proven vulnerability and gone ahead with a second Death Star had merely reinforced that suspicion. There would have been few in the Fleet's upper echelons who would have genuinely mourned its loss... if it hadn't, in its death throes, taken the Super Star Destroyer Executor with it.
Also, this makes me realize that I'm way too hard on Zahn for his prose -- he's actually a perfectly lovely writer, even if his stuff doesn't sing across the page in quite the same way that Stover's does, and his attention to detail makes me want to literally put the book in my mouth and chew on it in the hopes of absorbing the same sensibility.

And PELLAEON. I read a story recently (and uggh I can't remember what it was) where Luke went out of his way to accept students from the Imperial Remnant as well as the New Republic, and it was those students carrying his ideas back to the Empire that finally brought about a lasting peace. Headcanon like that and characters like Pellaeon remind me that although the total sum of the Empire is evil, not all of its constituent pieces are. (Which also reminds me of a story where Vader and Luke install Luke as the Emperor and he uses his power to prepare the galaxy for the Yuuzhan Vong.)

More importantly and according to this book, sometime between the destruction of the second Death Star and the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Lando introduces Luke to a new beverage, and that beverage is space hot chocolate, and sometimes when he's having trouble sleeping, Luke Skywalker likes to put on his bathrobe and slippers, tie his lightsaber to the belt of his bathrobe, make a cup of space hot chocolate, and take it up to the roof of the old Imperial Palace to get some fresh air.
Threepio cocked his head toward Luke's cup. "Forgive me, sir... but may I ask what that is that you're drinking?"

"This?" Luke glanced down at his cup. "It's just something Lando taught me how to make a while back."

"Lando?" Threepio echoed, and there was no mistaking the disapproval in his voice. Programmed politeness or not, the droid had never really much cared for Lando.

Which wasn't very surprising, given the circumstances of their first meeting. "Yes, but in spite of such a shady origin, it's really quite good," Luke told him. "It's called hot chocolate."
I have so many questions. Where is the fanart? How hard does Leia try not to laugh if she bumps into him? Why is Luke too good, too pure? Bless you, original space boyfriend, and bless your droid for still believing that you didn't earn your stripes drinking rotgut whiskey with the rest of Rogue Squadron.
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30 December 2015
Stuff that was finished enough to make it to AO3:

The Soft Rain (Mass Effect, Shepard/Garrus)
Greatly Approved (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
A Small Collaborative Effort (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
The Reunion Scene (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
Crooked Little (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
High Flight (Marvel 616, Carol/Rhodey)
Your Last Serving Daughter (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
The Dragon's Retirement (Dragon Age, Hawke/Varric)
Leap of Faith (Man of Steel, Lois/Clark)
The Seven Thousand Days (Mad Max: Fury Road, gen)
Corrective Measures (BBT, Sheldon/Penny)
Limit of the Flesh (Mass Effect, Shepard/Garrus)
???? (MCU, Sif/Loki)
Minutes from the Inaugural Meeting of the Fanclub (Skip Beat, Kyoko/Ren)

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Title: Minutes from the Inaugural Meeting of the Fanclub
Characters: Kyoko/Ren, Kanae
Wordcount: 1500
Summary: Moko and Corn come to an understanding.
Notes: Written for Skip Beat Secret Santa 2015 and [ profile] ncisduckie. Thanks to Lotte for the beta!

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Oh hey another kink meme fill abandoned for Hawke/Varric!

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Started for the kink meme and almost immediately abandoned for Hawke/Varric because haha oh. :(

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